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Cell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy

This policy is in place at George I. Sánchez to address concerns that are present when cell phones are allowed on campus. This policy aligns with the Albuquerque Public Schools Student Handbook.

Common concerns include:

  • Disruption to the educational environment and learning process.
  • Theft of phones/electronic devices.
  • Misuse of phones (text messaging, photos, calls, social media, etc.)
  • Bullying through cell phone use.
  • Cheating on assignments or tests.


Rules governing the use of cell phones on GIS campus are as follows:

  • Cell phones must be placed on silent or powered off from the first bell of the day to the last bell of the day.
  • Cell phones and headphones must be kept out of sight and in a backpack during the school day, including lunchtime, unless a student has staff permission.
  • Per APS Student Handbook, “students who possess a personal electronic device are solely responsible for its care. The school/district is not responsible for damage, loss or theft.”

Violation of these expectations may result in disciplinary action that can include negative POWER card signature, lunch detention, in-school suspension, out of school suspension, etc. In all cases, students using a cell phone/electronic device during the school day may have their phone confiscated and delivered to the front office.


  • Warning (warning given in August only) and reminder to turn off and return to backpack.
  • First Offense: Student will have a negative signature on their POWER card.
  • Second Offense: Phone will be confiscated and can be picked up by parents the following day (24 hours). If student needs to communicate with their family they will use the school phone.There is no same day phone pick up by parents.
  • Third Offense: Same procedure as second offense, but will be kept at school for 7 days.
  • Fourth Offense: Phone will be kept at the school for 2 weeks.
  • Special circumstances: phones may be taken for 7 days if used to promote violence or have inappropriate content.

George I. Sanchez Cell Phone Policy aligns with Albuquerque Public Schools Student Handbook. (revised July 2022)