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REGISTRATION 2019-2020: 

If you have not completed your registration for the 2019-20 school year, we will be holding registration August 6 and 7, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  

Make sure to: 

1. have your Parent Vue account set up.  Go to and search for Parent Vue to get started if you do not already have one.  REGISTRATION IS ALL ONLINE SO YOU MUST HAVE THIS ACCOUNT SET UP.  

2.  If you have a Parent Vue account, make sure you have your password.  

3.  Bring 2 current - within the last 30 days - UTILITY bills (gas, electric, or water) with your name and address on them. Must be original copies, not on the phone.  

4.  Bring a current lease/rental or mortgage agreement. 

5.  Incoming Kinder and 7th grade bring shot records so we can make a copy for you to give to the nurses. 

We are a school which is exceeding site capacity so we are very strict about proof of address.  We do require extra verification of address per APS directive.  


If you are registering as Family Living With Family, you will need to bring the person you are staying with to the registration.  They will need to bring an ID and must bring the bills listed above showing their name and address.  You will need to get the Family Living With Family form to take to get notarized.  We do not have a notary.  Also, as a heads up, this year we are requiring that sponsor person to be an emergency contact on your Parent Vue so be sure to add that in.  

Proof of Residency for Annual School Registration


Additional Residency Proof in Schools Exceeding Site Capacity

Albuquerque Public Schools may require additional documentation to establish and validate residency when any school exceeds site capacity, or in other circumstances identified by Albuquerque Public Schools or school administration.   In such circumstances, Albuquerque Public Schools may request more than one of the following documents to validate residence of the student:

  • Deed, Mortgage statement (current within 30 days), or Bernalillo County Property Tax Bill dated within the last year;
  • Executed lease/rental agreement with the name, address, and telephone number of the owner/lessee (current within 30 days);
  • Utility bill (current within 30 days);
  • New Mexico driver's license, New Mexico identification card, or other government issued photo ID with the address of the residence (current within 30 days);
  • Mail delivered by the United States Postal Service other than general mail addressed to occupant or resident with the address of the residence (current);
  • Correspondence addressed to the parent(s) from an office of a federal, state, or local county governmental agency (current);
  • Voter registration documentation from Bernalillo County with the address of the residence;
  • A current motor vehicle registration (tag receipt) with the address of the residence;
  • Military orders indicating the family lives on a local military base;
  • A valid, district-approved transfer to the school outside the geographical boundary of the residence of the student; or
  • Any other document(s) that, based on the professional judgment of the school administration, provides evidence of intent to remain at the location of legal residence within the geographic boundaries of the school.